Writing coaching for companies and people

Son pitching first ball for Padres

My son pitches first ball for Padres.

Here’s a sports metaphor:

Sports teams work at trying to win by creating a playbook and scheduling practice sessions. They invest time and money in developing game-time skills. They coach their players.
How can you apply those strategies to your corporate (or nonprofit) writing team?

When companies want to improve their market performance, they hire coaches to make a positive impact on leadership development, grooming successors. Human resources professionals say that coaching helps most when it

  • Improves individual performance and productivity.
  • Develops executive leadership.
  • Improves managerial performance.

How can writing coaching help your company? Coaching can help individuals improve the speed and efficiency of their writing. I have handled many scenarios like these:

  • Problem: Your new hire sends emails to clients with embarrassing informality and many errors.
  • Solution: You hire a writing consultant to train on professional email standards.
  • Problem: The director of a regional nonprofit wants to improve communication and create new stakeholders.
  • Solution: S/he hires writing coach to train on transforming technical data, write readable documents and aim for ordinary people, not PhDs and passionate fans.
  • Problem: One medical center’s physicians devote weeks to writing research reports for publication.
  • Solution: The research director hires a writing coach to train physicians in the best practices of journal writing. The medical center’s publications increase four-fold in one year.

Can you improve your work with one-on-one writing coaching? Yes.

  • Do you have an imminent deadline and need some help picking up your writing speed?
  • Are your writing goals super-ambitious? Do you want to find a way to actually achieve them?
  • Do you have a challenging boss or client? Do you require some tips on handling Mr. or Ms. Difficult?
  • Do you procrastinate about writing until the stress boils over?
  • Are you stalled in a particular writing project?

While your scenario may differ, these examples show how you can use nonfiction-writing training to handle your writing needs. If you tell me about your writing goals and challenges, I will give you tailored, personalized writing coaching.

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