Corporate training

Writing classes for your staff

If you must rewrite people’s reports before submitting to the executive suite – you might need to present writing courses in your organization. Consider customized training for p.r. or marketing people who need to write for electronic media or for IT folks who need to write in plain English to communicate with non-techies. Each of these classes takes an hour or two. Select a few to create a full day’s training.

Individual coaching

Customized, confidential and kind one-on-one coaching for CEOs and support staff can create success in your workforce. If you are a busy executive who needs to improve your writing skills, consider individual coaching. I custom-tailor your individual coaching to your ability and schedule. You can learn what you needs at a comfortable pace. I am a patient instructor: benevolent and kind, but also a zealous, detail-oriented critic.

University non-credit courses

You may want to sign up for one of my university-based courses. You can ask your boss to pay. If you are the boss, you can send valued employees. I have taught writing classes at

  • Temple University Center City, Philadelphia.
  • Temple University, Ambler, Pa.
  • University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia.
  • University of the Arts, Philadelphia.
  • Villanova University.