Writing and editing

Call me for advice on strategic communications. I can help organize your thoughts and then write the copy you need – because I’ve written similar content in the past. In addition to writing in a clear, cohesive, pleasant way, I know how to reach multiple audiences, handle complex approval processes and manage workplace egos.

Annual reports Describe last year’s successes so that stakeholders purchase, participate, contribute or whatever. I will brighten your text and make it sing.

Case studies Call me to write case studies that explain your organization, your service or your product. Consider them ideal implementations of the “show, don’t tell” rule of writing.

Feature articles When a professional, trade, or regional publication wants a story about your firm, call me. I will write an article that leaves the editor wanting to know more about you.

Newsletters Let me help you choose the best content and write it in the shortest, simplest, most entertaining way, whether your audience includes employees, retirees, members, clients or friends. In addition to writing and editing, I can manage your newsletter and take the worry off your hands.

Anti-technical material Whether your “technology” involves mullions, human resources or alternative dispute resolution — if you can explain it to me, I can write it clearly for a general audience.

Policies and procedures Whether you manage people, products or processes, let me write your manuals in plain English so that people understand and comply.

Profiles Call me to write profiles of your CEO, top managers, security guards, new hires, satisfied clients and more. I can bring them to life and often uncover anecdotes that person never told you.

Style guides If your work group has more than one person editing each document, you need a style guide. Call me to draft a writing-style guide, which will help you avoid 3 p.m. battles over serial commas and capitalization.

Web copy Tell Philadelphia or the world about your company, self of product — online. Use copy that is SEO-friendly, including the critical number of keywords. I can write this material for you or updated your no-longer-current older text.