Praise from clients

  • “Thank you, Susie, for evaluating my admission essay for law school. I really appreciate the care and attention you took in reviewing and commenting on my writing. You really touched on the things I was concerned about. You helped me to convey more effectively my message. Thank you again! I could not be happier with my final version.” 

-- Fadila Selmani, law-school applicant 

  •  “Susie built the curriculum and then quite successfully executed the training for our employees. Every class taught by Susie had full enrollment, another testament to her successful style and knowledge.”

          -- Carolyn Franz, director, IT communications, Campbell Soup

  • “Susie's supportive, humorous, but no-nonsense style of coaching gave me a firm sense of what to emphasize, what to downplay, and – most importantly – how to express myself.”

-- John Shakespeare (no relation)


  • “What you teach about writing and the way you teach it are what corporate America needs today.”

-- Greg Weber, former president and CEO, Conrail


  • “Susie Perloff has an amazing gift as a writing coach. She spots typos as an eagle spots its prey. She knows how to create concise sentences that are clear and effective. And the end product, after a thorough edit, is exactly what you wanted.”

-- Peaches Ledwidge, memoir writer


  • “Susie is not only my mother but also a fabulous editor and writing coach. She forces me to keep my verbs active and my adverbs practically entirely non-existent. Hire her!”

-- David Perloff, writer, editor, IT marketer, son

  • “I found Susie to be delightful, funny, encouraging, and razor-sharp in critiquing our work.” 

-- Jennifer Loustau

  • “I showed my boss the material Susie helped me edit. She said it was ‘eminently readable.’”

-- R.R., individual writing-coaching student

  • “Susie has an amazing ability to offer both constructive editorial criticism and nurturance.”

-- T.A., individual writing-coaching student

  • “Susie makes you believe that writing is easy. She is so upbeat and energetic that you cannot avoid being swept away.”

-- M.M., individual writing-coaching student 

  • “Susie - omg - great tip that I should read my work out loud. It was so boring! Awful! No one wanted to hear me any more! I made some revisions again, cut and pasted a few things to move parts around. Thank you.”

-- K.N., individual writing-coaching student

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