Statue of William "Billy" Penn on top of Philadelphia City Hall.

All about Philadelphia

If you want custom copy about Philadelphia, please call. I have led tours of Philadelphia in French and English. Having written a guidebook to Pennsylvania, I know Philadelphia.  

I know Philly, inside and out.

  • I served on the board of the Association of Philadelphia Tour guides. 
  • I served Philadelphia as a municipal guide. Job description: “Meet and greet visiting dignitaries.”
  • I volunteered at the information desk at the Reading Terminal Market and in the City Hall Visitors’ Center.
  • I write about Philadelphia. I edited two editions of the book Off the Beaten Path: Pennsylvania.
  • I know that all Philadelphia zip codes – and only Philadelphia zip codes – begin with 191.
  • I can spell, pronounce and drive to Manayunk, Passyunk and Conshohocken.
  • I know where to hold a wedding, buy 100 inexpensive sticks of incense and get a good shoeshine.