I write and teach adults to write nonfiction.


I teach adults to write better nonfiction. And that’s the truth.

No, not penmanship. Writing. Putting good words after other good words, stringing them into sentences and paragraphs. Like that. As a friend says, wrestling words to the ground. 

Writing is lonely.

I am an extrovert in an introvert’s profession. So I teach writing. Besides, you cannot teach what you do not practice. I am forever practicing writing.

I teach adults to

  • Try the techniques of creative nonfiction, using stories and details to move their prose forward.
  • Write essays, op-eds, opinion pieces, memoirs and whatever else they want to say.
  • Write articles, bios, weekly reports and whatever else their supervisors want them to say.
  • Master grammar basics – and advanced techniques, too.

I love to write.

Today writers often call themselves content creators and copy architects. You could call me that, too, though I prefer the more straightforward writer.

I have been writing nonfiction since contributing to my junior-high- and high-school newspapers. When I entered the University of Pennsylvania, the men’s daily thrived and the women’s weekly trickled along. Early in my sophomore year, Penn allowed women to join the Daily Pennsylvanian (DP). I was one of the first 9 women to join and the only one to stay through graduation.

A writing career was born. A full-time, self-employed freelance writer and editor for more than 20 years, I have written websites, e-newsletters, annual reports, training manuals, corporate histories and more. Samples all around this website.

The majority of my writing has been for people (and their employers) who can’t easily write what they think, or are in too big a hurry to write it right, or who have created state-of-the art technological or medical material that non-techies need to understand.

My byline has appeared 150 times in the Philadelphia Inquirer and in more than 100 other periodicals. 

From my home office, with corner windows and an up-close view of City Hall and 2 Philadelphia murals, I write.