How should I write this? Part 1

affect effect
Can you please differentiate between some of these words and phrases?

A. Sure.

accept/except. I accept the fact that you’re reading this, except that I wanted to keep it private.
adapt/adopt. I can adapt (or adjust or become accustomed) to the idea that you will adopt 2 kittens.
advice/advise. Take my advice: Advise your manager before taking the afternoon off.
all right. You should know that all right is always 2 words.
already/all ready. It already happened, earlier today, in fact. I am all ready to take a long weekend off.
altogether/all together. I am altogether, entirely ready for my exam. Afterward, let’s go out all together.
alumnus/alumni. An alumnus is a singular masculine person. An alumna is a singular female person. Alumni, a plural noun, identifies multiple men, men and women or a man and a woman. Alumnae, also plural, signifies more than one woman.
a.m. in the morning/p.m. in the afternoon. Either of these pairs of terms is redundant. If it happens at 11 a.m., it happens in the morning, so you don’t need to write that, too.
among/amongst/between. Put amongst in the attic with your grandmother’s hats. The chocolate-chip mint ice cream sits on the table between you and your brother – because there are only 2 of you. The mango gelato sits on the table among you, your 3 co-workers and your top supplier – because there are 3 or more of you.
anyway/anyways. Put anyways in storage, too. Cover it so you can’t see it.
assure/ensure/insure. Use insure when discussing the insurance industry. Use assure to mean “put the mind to rest.” Drop ensure – because it makes people laugh or snicker.
anxious/eager. You are eager for your birthday to arrive because you expect to have fun. You are anxious (or full of anxiety) about your birthday only if you fear someone will invite your former boss to the office party for you.

Those are just the As. Any other frequent fumbles you want to ask about? If so, please holler.