I have expertise writing about these diverse fields – and more. If content is king, I may be the queen.

Technical writing Is it technical writing – or is it anti-technical writing? What’s the difference? Please give me a call.

Writing internet content. Call me to provide internet content for your business, nonprofit or start-up.

Writing about design Call me to promote services within the built environment: Improve staff bios; reach audiences beyond your competitors; explain your expertise on design, color schemes, elevation, mixed-use developments or mullions.

Healthcare Call me to write about medicine, medical centers and medical professionals – on patient care, nuclear magnetic resonance and surgicenters. In writing about healthcare, I am the doctor.

Higher education If your university or university department needs to write to or about alumni, students or new audiences, please try me.

Law Whether you are a large or small law firm, you need to differentiate yourself from other attorneys. Whether you need to write lawyer bios, professional expertise or successful court case, please call me for a fresh approach.

Writing about Philadelphia If you want a custom guidebook to Philadelphia, please call. Having lived here forever, served as a guide for the city and written a guidebook to Pennsylvania, I know Philadelphia.

Writing for the University of Pennsylvania Call me to write about academics, individuals or alumni relations; websites, annual reports or course catalogs.