ESL employees

If you have an employee who needs help writing American English, please call me for individual coaching. I can help your person

  • Write reports to management.
  • Communicate in e-mails with co-workers, customers and clients.
  • Navigate between oral and written communication.
  • Eliminate excess words.
  • Avoid common errors.

I will come to your office and provide confidential – and kind, patient, supportive – training for your employee.

If your first language is not English, I can help you write your way to success.

I can teach you to write better – in contemporary American style for contemporary American readers. If you are selling products or services, you definitely need to reach your customers and clients.


“You’ve helped our employee tremendously. English is his second language. The pressure was on him to deliver papers for his MBA in English business jargon – at a fast pace with quick turn-around. You were there! You helped him think through the concepts, work through the logical presentation and then helped with word choice, grammar and sentence structure. All the while helping with life skills of time management and managing the demands of life for a young international professional. Thank you!”
– Dede LaMarche, US HR Business Partner, FMC Agricultural Products Group

“Now that it’s over, I want to tell you, Miss Susan, how much I appreciate your work. You wrote clear letters for me. I speak English reasonably well, as you have learned, but I am not so good at writing – as you have learned! Will you come to the ceremony when (if!) I become a U.S. citizen?”     – Ngamba

“You explained the grammar quite well. I did not understand the process before. Thank you. And thank you for acting so quickly. Your new friend.”    – Yin