Let’s hose a workshop

I love this typo, which I found on a flyer at the gym.

First, you need to know that we are celebrating World Doula Week. Assuming you can define world and week, I will tell you that a doula is a woman who helps women handle the final stages of pregnancy, delivery itself and the beginning of baby management.

A doula is “an experienced professional who provides continuous physical, emotional and informational support,” things we used to do alone without conversation, certainly without paying stiff fees. The word, derived from ancient Greek, means “a woman who serves.”

Anyway, a Philadelphia doula service — here’s the typo — “will be hosing an informal gathering and information workshop.” That’s hosing, not the intended hosting. Made me laugh out loud, even though I no longer need maternity clothes.

Cold enough for ya?

Alberta ice tiny

Selling ice.

If not, we can import some ice from Alberta, Canada.
This restaurant, north of Waterton Lakes National Park, offers ice.

Ceci n’est pas une pipe

couscous tabouli in the same boxThe Belgian surrealist painter René Magritte painted a pipe and wrote under it, in French, “This is not a pipe.” Yet it was a pipe. Recently I bought three boxes of  tabbouleh (tabbouli/tabouli) from a high shelf in a supermarket. When I lay them flat on my cupboard shelf, I learned that I had purchased couscous. And so I realize that Ceci n’est pas tabouli. In fact, the packages contain couscous. Not bad, but not what I wanted.

Lessons learned?

1. If you’re the package, check your packaging.
2. If you’re the marketer, edit your packager.
3. If you’re the consumer, expect new taste treats.

Do not exit at the exit sign.

When you want to leave the madding crowd at Philadelphia International Airport, you cannot depart. You have followed the exit signs, schlepping your carry-ons, and Lo! No exit. Jean-Paul Sartre called it huis clos, which means, uh, no exit. So maybe this is a stage set for his play, No exit? Weclome to PHL.

Tinkle, tinkle, little star

doctor urine
What, after all, is left to say?

In 2008, this Big Doctor had this enormous billboard on a major byway on Philadelphia’s Main Line. He is both a Dr. and an M.D., and he has developed “vasectomy on the go” procedure. Not “on the go,” as in the car, I hope. My beloved was protecting his gonads with his hands, Phillies cap and Inquirer business section as we drove by.