Teaching adults to write nonfiction.... And that's the truth.


Free creative-nonfiction writing workshops: Memoir and essay writing.

Wednesdays, 4 to 6 p.m. 

August 28.   September 11 + 25.   October 2 + 16.   November 6 + 20.

Shakespeare + Co., 1632 Walnut Street, Philadelphia.
Adults only.

Attend these sessions if you

• Write often but need the deadline of a class for motivation.

• Need (or wish) to write for work but don’t feel ready for prime time.

• Want to know how your writing affects other people.

To participate, please bring

• Up to 750 words of a manuscript.

• Eight copies (to share), typed double-spaced in 12-point Times New Roman.

• An open mind, a warm heart and a pen or two.

We’ll praise each other for good writing  and help revise difficult passages.


How can I help you write nonfiction? Let me count the ways.


When you need editorial help, call me. 

Coaching adults to write nonfiction.

  • Application essays for college admission.
  • Launching or improving a blog.
  • Brochures, reports or manuals.
  • Kicking  your copy up a notch.
  • More.

Nonfiction writing and editing.

  • Architecture and design.
  • Medicine and healthcare.
  • Philadelphia travel and tourism.
  • More.

Co-writing and ghosting.

  • Memoirs.
  • Op-eds.
  • White papers.
  • More.

I love to write

Writing is my hobby, my passion, my profession. I care which words come first and whether readers understand easily.

Many writers immerse themselves in narrow subject areas. They become experts, writing long articles, turning them into books, even lecturing. My career hasn’t gone that way.

I have written about healthcare, solar energy, skiing, architecture, electrical engineering, soup, employee benefits and more. Everything I write about, I need to learn about first. So when I went solo in 1983, I chose not to specialize. Well, not in a topic, anyway.

I specialize in writing. Any topic, any time, for anyone who wants something written. My specialty is putting words together, one after another, until they tell the proper story. And teaching adults to do the same. Which is why we’re talking here, right?

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“Thank you, Susie, for evaluating my admission essay for law school. I really appreciate the care and attention you took in reviewing and commenting on my writing. You really touched on the things I was concerned about. You helped me to convey more effectively my message. Thank you again! I could not be happier with my final version.”

-- Fadila Selmani, law-school applicant and graduate

“Susie built the curriculum and then quite successfully executed the training for our employees. Every class taught by Susie had full enrollment, another testament to her successful style and knowledge.”

-- Carolyn Franz, director, IT communications, Campbell Soup

“Your supportive, humorous, but no-nonsense style of coaching gave me a firm sense of what to emphasize, what to downplay, and – most importantly – how to express myself.”

-- John Shakespeare (no relation)

“What you teach about writing and the way you teach it are what corporate America needs today.”

-- Greg Weber, former president and CEO, Conrail

“Susie Perloff has an amazing gift as a writing coach. She spots typos as an eagle spots its prey. She knows how to create concise sentences that are clear and effective. And the end product, after a thorough edit, is exactly what you wanted.”

-- Peaches Ledwidge, memoir writer

“Susie is not only my mother but also a fabulous editor and writing coach. She forces me to keep my verbs active and my adverbs practically entirely non-existent. Hire her!”

-- David Perloff, writer, editor, IT marketer

“I found Susie to be delightful, funny, encouraging, and razor-sharp in critiquing our work.” 

-- Jennifer Loustau

“I showed my boss the material you helped me edit. She said it was ‘eminently readable.’ So let’s keep going.”

-- R.R., individual writing-coaching student

“You have an amazing ability to offer both constructive editorial criticism and nurturance.”

“Susie makes you believe that writing is easy. She is so upbeat and energetic that you cannot avoid being swept away.”

“Susie - omg - great tip that I should read my work out loud. It was so boring! Awful! No one wanted to hear me any more! I made some revisions again, cut and pasted a few things to move parts around. Thank you.”

-- K.N., individual writing-coaching student