Putting good words after other good words, stringing them into sentences and paragraphs — that’s how to write well.

My name is Susan Perloff. I am a full-time writer, editor and writing coach in Philadelphia with more than 30 years of experience. My articles have appeared 150 times in the Philadelphia Inquirer and in another 100 publications.

I can write what you cannot write or lack the time to write. If you face scary writing assignments or the rules of grammar drive you crazy, call me. I love to write, and I’m good at what I do. Writing is my hobby, my passion, my profession. I care which words come first and whether readers understand easily.

Many writers immerse themselves in narrow subject areas, becoming experts, writing long articles, turning them into books. Not I.

I have covered healthcare, solar energy, skiing, architecture, electrical engineering, soup, employee benefits and more. When I went solo in 1983, I chose not to specialize. Well, not in a topic, anyway. I specialize in writing.

I offer writing classes and individual writing coaching in Philadelphia and beyond. I am an extrovert in an introvert’s profession. So I love to teach writing. You know what you want to say, but you find it challenging to write.

Do you want to learn how to hook your reader immediately? Launch or improve a blog? Write brochures, reports or manuals? Improve your creative or mechanical skills? Train your communications professionals to kick their copy up a notch? Train managers to edit their employees’ first drafts.

I can train you to express yourself clearly, concisely and confidently. I specialize in teaching and training adults to write better.

Please tell me how I can help. We can meet in person or electronically. Free consultation.

P.S. If I cannot help you, I will find you a competent, experienced writer who can.